Wedding Cake Consultations and Tastings

Wedding Cake Consultations and Tastings

I love wedding cakes.  I could just look at pictures of them all day long (which I basically do…).  When I’m not looking at pictures of wedding cakes, I’m usually daydreaming about wedding cakes, designing them for hypothetical couples in my head.

There is something so special about them.  We know that celebrations and cake go hand in hand the same way that camping and s’mores or Thanksgiving and turkey go together.  You can’t have one without the other.  How does the saying go? A party without cake is just a meeting.  SO TRUE.

Not to discredit the importance and “special-ness” of birthdays and baby showers, but I think that we can all agree that weddings are a very special occasion.  A wedding is a life changing event that is shared with friends and family.  They come in all shapes and sizes, but the significance of a wedding is not lost on anyone.

Many people consider the wedding cake to be the centerpiece or a focal point of the reception.  Just as every wedding is different and unique to the bridal couple, so should be the cake.  Some want the tall and grand four or five tier cake to serve all of their guests.  Some want a smaller two tier cake with sheet cakes in the kitchen to be cut and served to their guests.  Others ask for a single tier for their traditional cake cutting with a variety of cupcake flavors for their guests to choose from.  All instances are appropriate and correct.

Not only do we want the wedding cake (and cupcakes!) to be beautiful and show-stopping, we also want it to taste good! Raise your hand if you’ve ever had some not-so-good wedding cake…yep, me too.  And that makes me sad.  A wedding cake is special, so it should taste special, too! But, how do you know if a cake designer can also bake a tasty cake? Enter the cake tasting.

Most brick-and-mortar bakeries have a spot in their store where they hold their cake tastings.  The bridal couple and often times, the moms and/or maid of honor go to the bakery, sit down with the cake designer, sample the cake offerings and discuss the cake and other related aspects of the wedding.  This is how the tasting was handled for my own wedding cake.

However, this is not how I run my cake tastings for Four Oaks Bakery.  We are a home based bakery, licensed by the state to operate and sell our cakes and cupcakes direct to the client.  We do not have a storefront where our clients can come to sample our product to decide on which flavor(s) they would like to serve at their wedding.

We also have these guys.  This is the best in a series of pictures that I took recently at the park.  They are constantly moving.

They come with a lot of things–monster trucks, books, crayons, sippy cups, stuffed animals, and snacks, among them.  These are just some of the things that I see in our living room right now as I type this.

While I am able to bake and decorate at home, mostly at night after the boys have gone to bed, life is too crazy at our house right now to bring clients here for a cake tasting and consultation about an important aspect of their wedding.  So, I came up with an alternative way to handle my cake tastings and consultations.

Here is what I do.  The bridal couple is able to choose up to four cake flavors and four buttercream/filling flavors to try.  All of this information can be found on the Flavors page of the website.  Then, I provide two cupcakes of each of their chosen flavors and plenty of their buttercream/filling choices.  The cupcakes and buttercream/fillings are kept separate for a reason: the couple is able to mix and match the flavors to find the perfect combination for their wedding.  All of the cupcakes and buttercream/fillings are packaged up in a bakery box, labeled by flavor, and I bring it with me to the consultation, typically at a coffee shop.

From here, we go over the details of the wedding: date, location, time, number of guests, colors, theme, flowers, dress, etc.  We discuss styles of cakes and what their overall feel of their wedding reception will be so that I can design a cake that is a cohesive part of the event.  If the couple has a specific vision or idea already in mind for the wedding cake, we talk about that and often look at pictures to serve as inspiration for their own unique cake.  Once the consultation is over, the couple is able to take the cake tasting box with them when they leave.  This way, they are able to sample my cakes and buttercream in the comfort of their own home without me staring at them, wondering what they think 😉  Once they have decided on their favorite cake and buttercream combinations, they let me know of their final choices via email.

Simple.  Fuss-free.  Relaxed.  I really enjoy this method of handling a cake tasting and consultation and I have found that my bridal couples do as well.

If you would like to schedule a wedding cake tasting and consultation, please email me at and we can get started!


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