Four Oaks Bakery specializes in tiered wedding cakes, customized specifically for you and your event.  All cakes consist of four layers of cake and three layers of buttercream, making each cake approximately 5" tall. Because your cake is customized to you, the price is unique, as well. Final cost is dependent on the complexity of design and the time that it will take to create. There is a $200 minimum for all orders.  

Cupcakes--starting at $30/dozen

Choose your favorite cake and buttercream flavors. Sprinkles, coarse sugars, and pearls are included in the starting cupcake price. Candies, cookies, fruit, fondant toppers or decorations, chocolate ganache, fruit, or caramel drizzles are additional charges, based on supply and time costs.

Tiered Cakes and Wedding Cakes

Your tiered or wedding cake is priced per slice, starting at $5.00/slice. Depending on design and amount of decor, the price per slice increases accordingly. Each cake is a custom design, therefore there is no exact price before consultation. Making me aware of your budget will help me to create a beautiful cake for your event. A tiered buttercream cake, that can be beautifully adorned with fresh flowers, starts at $5.00 per slice. Fondant cakes are priced starting at $6.00 per slice. You can also choose to have undecorated kitchen cakes (a.k.a. "sheet cakes") to supplement your tiered cake, priced at $3.50 per slice. Your kitchen cakes will have 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of buttercream, just like your tiered cake.
As my gift to you, you will receive a fresh 6" buttercream tier to celebrate your first anniversary. Nobody likes year old frozen cake!

Learn about cake and buttercream flavors here.

If you have any questions or would like an estimate, please contact us