Photo by Dawn Derbyshire Photography

“I have nothing but great things to say about Emily and Four Oaks Bakery. She was responsive, creative, and professional. She was able to see our vision and create it beyond our wildest expectation. I am so glad that we found her and had her as part of our special day.”

-Natalie and Paul C.



Do you offer tastings? Are they free?

Yes, I schedule consultation and tasting appointments with clients who are considering working with me for their wedding cake. There is a fee associated with the appointment, payment going toward the final price of your cake.


Will you deliver my cake?

Absolutely! I wouldn’t have it any other way!


I really love this exact cake. Can you make it for me?

I want to see your Pinterest inspiration boards and pictures of cakes that you love. Seeing the designs and aesthetic that you are drawn to really helps in the design process. However, I cannot copy an exact cake. We can certainly take aspects of the cakes that you love and incorporate them into your own special cake design, but these pictures are only used as inspiration. Instead of copying someone else’s cake, let’s create one that other’s want to use as inspiration for their weddings!


Can you make us a fake cake? We heard it can help us reduce wedding cake costs.

Maybe. It depends on the design. We will figure out the most efficient way to make your cake. Foam can be useful to make a cake look larger than servings require or to manage weight or add stability. Some designs make the most sense to use foam tiers. However, if your cake design can be made of cake, the best way to make it is all cake. It is more work and materials to create, ice and decorate several foam tiers in addition to making and icing kitchen cakes with enough servings for your guests. The best way to reduce wedding cake costs is to lower the number of servings that you order, request that the serving sizes are smaller, or choose a less complicated design.


How much will my wedding cake cost?

Without knowing the final design, I cannot give you an exact price for your cake. Several factors will go into the final price of your wedding cake, including the number of servings, the complexity of the design, buttercream vs. fondant, delivery, and set up at your venue. If you complete the contact form on the website with enough details, I can provide you with an estimated price range, but the price is not final until the design is finalized.


How soon should I contact you about my wedding cake?

Before you contact me about your wedding cake, you need to have your date and venue set in stone. Having other elements of your wedding in place, such as the style, florals, invitations, your dress, and other decor pieces is also helpful, as your cake should be a complement to the rest of the event. We can also draw inspiration from these elements for a wedding cake design that is unique to you and your day.

I do not book orders more than one year in advance. We can certainly chat and even have your tasting and consultation before the one year mark, but nothing goes on the books more than one year out.


How many weddings do you do each weekend?

I take two cakes each month. When it is the week of your wedding, your cake will be the only cake that I work on that week (the only exception would be if there were to be two smaller, single tier weddings). This limited availability allows me the proper time and energy to focus on your special cake for your special day. That being said, my calendar fills up very quickly. Please do not wait to contact me about your wedding cake!


I love your work! Can you make us just a small cake for us to cut? We are getting sheet cake from the grocery/big box store to serve to the guests.

Sorry, but no. I have worked very hard (and gained several pounds!) to develop my cake and buttercream recipes. The cake that I make is much different than what you will get from the grocery/big box store. Therefore, in order to avoid confusion on “who made the cake?” it is my policy that I am the sole provider of cake/cupcakes at your wedding. I am happy to provide you with kitchen cakes to make up the remaining servings of cake for your guests. This policy does not apply to other desserts such as pies, cheesecakes, cookies, ice cream, donuts, etc.


Can I come in and order one dozen cupcakes? Do you sell cheesecakes/pies/donuts/macarons/cookies? Can you make the cookies for my wedding?

Four Oaks Bakery does not have a storefront. I am a custom, made to order bakery for wedding cakes and cupcakes. While I love cheesecake, pies, donuts, brownies, cookies, and sweets of all kinds, I do not offer them for sale. There are many other talented local bakers and businesses who do make these items and I am happy to pass along their information if you ask.