Ashley and Greg’s Blush, Ivory, and Gold Wedding Cake at The Barn at West Overton in Scottdale, PA

Ashley and Greg’s Blush, Ivory, and Gold Wedding Cake at The Barn at West Overton in Scottdale, PA

You know how there are certain projects that you work on that you know without a doubt, for one reason or another, you will always remember them? That’s how Ashley and Greg’s wedding cake is for me.

The first reason is the design of the cake.  When Ashley shared some of her favorite cake inspiration pictures with me, I immediately noticed that she liked gold sequins and pink ruffles. I incorporated both, along with a navy ribbon, into the design of their wedding cake.  The gold sequins are actually small, round, confetti quin sprinkles that were colored gold and hand applied to the middle tier.



Ah, those ruffle roses! Believe it or not, but this bottom tier alone, took more than 10 hours to just decorate. From making and coloring the fondant, to rolling it super thin through a pasta roller, cutting it into strips, ruffling each strip and then wrapping it on the cake in spirals to create the roses, this is a super labor intensive design! I thought that I was going to pull my hair out by the end of it, but the final product is so completely worth it!



So, imagine my shock and surprise when I walk into The Barn at West Overton in Scottdale, PA to deliver and set up the cake, only to discover that there is already a cake there!

YES! To say that I had a minor internal freak out is an understatement.  I immediately started questioning myself, wondering if I had the correct date and location (which I knew that I did).  Luckily, the event manager for the venue was there also, so we were able to quickly determine that I was in the right place at the right time with the right cake for the right couple. Whew! *sigh of relief*

But where in the world did this other cake come from?!

I removed the other cake from the cake stand and began to set up my cake as we tried to piece things together.  Enter Ashley (the bride) and her mom.  They decided to stop at the venue to check everything out before heading to get dressed.  After we said hello and engaged in a bit of conversation about the day, I figured that I should bring up the “other cake.” Time for more shock and confusion! They had no idea where it came from either!

Long story (somewhat) short, Ashley discovered that the single other bakery where she and Greg had a consultation and tasting made a mistake and baked them a wedding cake, despite never actually having the order or being paid for it.  Then they told Ashley to just keep it, along with the additional sheet cake that we found sitting on a random table! Talk about a crazy story! We laughed about it and I told Ashley that if the worst thing that happens on her wedding day is having two wedding cakes, that it will be an amazing day!



They DID have an amazing day. And a bunch of extra cake.


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