Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower at Greenhouse Winery in Irwin, PA

Kate Spade Inspired Bridal Shower at Greenhouse Winery in Irwin, PA

You know how you can just tell from the start when something is going to be good? That’s how I felt when Barb first contacted me about her daughter’s bridal shower.  It was a Kate Spade themed shower, so that was my first clue.  Bright pinks, metallic gold, and crisp, clean black and white stripes.  It’s modern, yet classic at the same time.  Nevermind the fact that Barb told me that she wanted the cake table to be “fabulous” and serve as a centerpiece to the celebration.

We went back and forth a couple of times on the size and design of the cake before we decided on a single tier of almond cake with vanilla buttercream on the inside and on the outside of the cake.  We incorporated the Kate Spade theme through black and white stripes and dots made from fondant and then one large, bright pink statement flower on the top.  The cake sat on top of a gold cake drum that was finished with a gold ribbon around the edge.  It’s these finishing details that truly elevate the cake and make it truly special and worthy of “centerpiece” status.



To make up the remaining servings for the shower guests, we added a couple dozen cupcakes (funfetti!) with vanilla buttercream.  I coordinated the cupcakes with the cake by sprinkling them with gold coarse sanding sugar and then topping them with small pink fondant flowers with gold painted pearl centers.



Typically, I use white paper liners for all of my cupcakes, but I decided to pull out all of the stops and went with a black liner for these cupcakes.  I think that they made all the difference! The black liners really allowed for the cupcakes to pop and stand out against the white tablecloth.



And let me tell you.  Barb and the other ladies who helped put together this bridal shower honestly outdid themselves.  The decor was just fabulous and everything tied together so well! Will you look at this paper flower backdrop–



AMAZING, right?! Excuse me while I google how to make giant paper flowers…

Thank you, Barb, for asking me to help with Jessica’s bridal shower.  It was truly FABULOUS! 🙂

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