Lauren Tocco

I had a vendor party with food, clothes, and make-up.  It was at the beginning of December and Emily went above and beyond to match my “wintery” theme! The cookies were the talk of the party! Everyone kept commenting that they were too pretty to eat! Everyone quickly changed their minds when they tasted how delicious they were! I had to stash two away for my husband, per his request, because he knows how tasty Four Oaks goodies are! There were none left (aside from the two I put away!)


Four Varieties of Cupcakes

We had an “I Do Barbecue” as our wedding.  Emily worked diligently to perfect the flavors that we chose! We went with two classics: chocolate and vanilla (of course with the most delicious salted caramel icing!) then we each were able to pick a flavor, too.  I picked lemon with blackberry icing.  I dream of these cupcakes.  I swear they were the best cupcakes I ever ate in my life.  My husband chose chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes, of which he still asks if Emily is going to bring with her every time that we see her! Everyone there asked where they were from and wanted to place orders right away! I have recommended Four Oaks to as many friends as I could! Everyone has been extremely pleased! Emily truly goes above and beyond expectations!