Courtney and Luke’s Ivory and Gold Wedding Cake at Chestnut Ridge Resort in Blairsville, PA

Courtney and Luke’s Ivory and Gold Wedding Cake at Chestnut Ridge Resort in Blairsville, PA

To say that I am obsessed with this cake would be an understatement.  Nearly one month after Courtney and Luke’s wedding, I am STILL in love with the cake that I designed and created for their special day.

At our consultation, Courtney described the feel of their wedding as being “simple elegance.”  She shared several pictures of cakes that she was drawn to for one reason or another and then told me to take the inspiration and run with it– a cake designer’s dream come true! Based on the details of the wedding that Courtney shared with me and the style of cakes that she loved, I knew that the cake had to be modern, yet classic at the same time.


The three ivory tiers satisfied the classic requirement and the middle tier, a double barrel, added just the right amount of modernity to the cake.  We also wanted the cake to have amazing details, but still simple.  We didn’t want too much going on.  Again, the middle tier to the rescue! I kept the top and bottom tiers (vanilla cake with salted caramel buttercream–to DIE for!) simple with the ivory fondant and gold ribbon, while adding the intricate details to the middle tier (funfetti cake with vanilla bean buttercream–so FUN!).

Courtney’s dress was covered in lace, so I took inspiration from that and used silicone molds made from real lace appliques.  By pressing fondant into the molds, I was able to create edible lace applique for the cake.  The look was completed by hand piping dots of royal icing in the empty space around the applique.  This was a heavy cake!

(The following photos are from Jen McKen Photography.  Go check out her page to see more photos from this beautiful wedding–she did an amazing job!)

I love this picture of Courtney and Luke cutting the cake.  When I asked her what she was thinking at this moment, Courtney said, “I was thinking about how I didn’t know how to cut a cake!”  Haha! I don’t think that there is a wrong way!

Congratulations, Courtney and Luke! I was honored to create the cake that you shared with your guests to celebrate your wedding day!

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